Friday, February 28, 2014

Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims in Hawaii encompass a tremendous variety of incidents including boating and pool accidents, slip and fall injuries, negligence involving dog attacks and car accidents. 

Even though injuries vary widely, methods to preserve your personal injury claim are similar no matter how your accident occurred.  The following steps will help ensure that you are compensated for your losses and medical expenses.

The first step, and your highest priority after an accident, is to obtain medical treatment.  See a doctor if you have not already and thoroughly explain your injury.  Follow through with treatment and be sure you medically stable before you proceed with step two. 

Gathering information is the second step.  Take pictures, collect contact information from witnesses and talk to other people involved in the accident including rescuers and onlookers.  Save all medical information as well, including bills and copies of prescriptions.  Keep a journal through your treatment to make sure you remember everything. 

The third step is to make an appointment with a personal injury lawyer in your area to preserve your legal rights.  With every personal injury claim there is a time limit to file a lawsuit.  Do not wait until the time limit has almost expired. See an attorney as soon as possible to help investigate your case, evaluate how much your case is worth and to write a demand letter to the person or company responsible. 

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