Thursday, August 15, 2013

Begin Estate Planning Today

One of the first steps to implementing an estate plan is to decide what you would like to do with your assets. If you are unsure of how to divide your estate, begin your research online by reading background information about wills, trusts and other estate planning and tax planning tools.

Dividing your assets is often just one part of estate planning.  Tax considerations and health care issues such as long-term illnesses or incapacity are also important.  If you anticipate that your spouse or an adult child will need specialized care in the near future or after you die, speak to an estate planning attorney about how your assets can help provide care and also about other important documents such as a health care directive.  

Financial planners and accountants often work closely with estate planning attorneys and may be willing to give you a referral to a lawyer who can help. If you need help determining how to plan for the future, call our office today for a free consultation to discuss the options available for your estate.

 This article is a good place to start learning about the basic elements of an estate plan. 

 Money Magazine Estate Planning Article

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