Thursday, April 25, 2013

Digital Assets and Estate Planning

In addition to a will and perhaps a trust, proper estate planning includes making an inventory of assets that you own.  When considering your assets, be sure to include your digital estate.  Every year, a larger percentage of our lives and business involve online interaction and most people own digital assets even if they do not realize it.  Email accounts, blogs, websites, social media accounts, online banking accounts and music are just a few of the digital assets you may own. 

One way to manage your online assets is to use a digital afterlife service.  Such services organize your accounts, passwords and online information and are quickly becoming popular as a method of planning for your digital estate. 

Digital giant, Google also recently introduced a feature that allows you to decide in advance what to do with your Google related accounts after you die.  The tool controls many different Google services including Gmail, Google Plus, Blogger, Picassa, YouTube and several others. 

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